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Stability ball workout from DreamBody, Inc.

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DreamBody Inside & Out: Probiotics

Summer is almost here, and many of us become increasingly self-concious of wearing swimsuits in public (!)  You too?  So you’ve decided to get into shape?  Great! But as you set your new … Continue reading

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Perfect Leg and Butt Workout video by DreamBody, Inc.

Workout video by DreamBody, Inc targeting legs and glutes. For more workout videos, visit

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Can I PLEASE enjoy Spring? A review of natural & herbal allergy remedies.

by James Lee,  Vitamin Mom Staff Every Spring while kids are running to fill their Easter baskets with eggs,  I run to the drugstore and fill up my shopping basket with … Continue reading

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How do you know the difference between OK and quality vitamins?

One of our friends on Facebook, Sherri recently asked: “How do you know the difference between ok and quality vitamins?” It’s a great question.  Customers often wonder what the differences … Continue reading

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The Competitors Diet by Master Trainer Jason Carver

THE COMPETITOR’S DIET We’ve all had to prepare for something. We know that comes with life. If there wasn’t that preparation stage, or learning how to develop preparation techniques then … Continue reading

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Dreambody’s Fifteen Minute Freakout!

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