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“Think before you Pink”


I turned 40 a couple of months ago. If this has already happened to you, you are familiar with the conflicting emotions this can cause. It’s a good excuse to throw a big party! Groan…my life is half over.

Along with the grey hairs and crows feet that seemed to have popped up overnight, my to-do list got longer too. Suddenly, I’m higher risk for everything that could possibly kill me – heart attack, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, glaucoma…

Sigh, I already miss my 30’s.

So, my to-do list now includes taking a multi-vitamin, omega-3s, tapping eye cream with my ring finger, and getting an annual mammogram.

Mammogram. Ugh. Where do I start? I just moved to a new city and have a new health plan and don’t have a doctor yet. So, getting a mammogram has been bumped down to the bottom of my to-do list for months now.

That is, until October- the month where I suddenly want to wear a sweater with boots and drink a pumpkin latte. It’s also the month where everything turns pink.  Everything.

I was in a sporting goods store a couple of weeks ago and they had high school football gear in a bright pepto pink.

Part of me is appalled by the over commercialization of Breast Cancer Awareness month. And part if me loves it.

I’m now old enough (have I mentioned that I turned 40?) to have journeyed with some precious friends through finding lumps, waiting for biopsy results, mastectomies, and reconstructive surgeries.

And yet, I still haven’t gotten myself a mammogram.

But this month, I can’t escape the nauseating pink color that covers the ads, store fronts and merchandise displays everywhere I turn.

I think I hate it, but deep down, I know that I really love it.

It reminds me of how precious friends are and how early detection saved the lives of some women I love.

I love how the entire country is wiling to focus on women’s health and make it a priority for a month.

I love that finding a lump is no longer the certain death sentence it once was, not that long ago.

I will take time this month to treasure the women I know who have been affected by Breast Cancer. I will stop making excuses, find a doctor in my network and get a mammogram.

A friend of mine, Janice –  a woman I truly admire and respect posted this on her Facebook page on the last day of September:

With tomorrow (October 1st) kicking off a month of the pink craziness, I would encourage everyone to “Think before you Pink”.

Most of the breast cancer organizations out there raise money for awareness and screenings, but very little of that money goes to where it needs to be: research!!

As a current breast cancer ‘survivor’, I would love to see more money poured into research as it’s not enough to screen and make people aware of breast cancer; we need to know what causes it, why it comes back and how to prevent it in the first place!

So if you’re considering a donation this October, try to channel your money towards the organizations that are behind research (Stand Up 2 Cancer, Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation) rather than buying all that “pink “labeled merchandise! The legions of women affected by this disease will thank you for it.

She’s right. Awareness is important, but so is putting your money where your mouth (or heart) is. We want to support Breast Cancer Research.

For the month of October, we will donate $2 to Stand Up 2 Cancer for every purchase over $49. (Don’t worry, we’ll also continue to do free domestic shipping for orders over $49).

It’s not gimmick, and we’re not doing it to drive up our sales. We’re doing it because it’s important and could save the lives of women we love.


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