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Top 3 Must-Have’s For the Family Medicine Cabinet

Let me be very clear that if someone in my family needs professional medical attention, they get it.   For any serious illness or injury, it is extremely important to seek medical attention.  This is NOT an article on how to treat  serious conditions or injuries.

But to deal with everyday minor wounds, there are 3 products that I make sure to have in my family’s medicine cabinet.

1.) Arnica.  With three active little boys, it’s an endless chain of bumps, scrapes and bruises, so I always keep a tube of arnica in my house. Arnica is an herb that’s been used to treat muscle aches, minor injuries and reduce inflammation since the 1500s.  It comes in a cream or gel to use topically.   We frequently hear from customers who suffer from chronic pain that arnica helps.

One time recently, my oldest son was excited about dinner, which had just come out of the oven.  He leaned in (a little too close) to get a whiff and burned his chin on the pan.  It wasn’t a burn that needed a doctor visit, but it hurt him, would blister and I was sure it would leave behind a scar.  Arnicare helped relieve the pain, reduce swelling and there’s no scar!


2.) Coconut oil.  I’ve written before about the benefits of coconut oil and I’m using it even more these days, now that it’s getting colder and the air is drier.  I use it on the thumb of my thumb-sucker and on everyone’s dry skin and scrapes.

3.) Assortment of adhesive bandages.  Small kids love bandages and so do I.   First off, they come individually wrapped.  So for a kid, opening a bandage is like opening a tiny little present.   Often, my young patient’s tears have stopped before the bandage is even opened.  The kid is completely distracted by the anticipation of peeling back the wrapper and discovering which picture or character is on this one.  Then, it’s like a sticker-meets-temporary-tattoo.  They get to peel it, stick it on themselves and wear it all day long.  I’ve seen my kids admire their bandages lovingly and refuse to get in the bath because they don’t want to lose it.

That’s certainly not everything in my family’s medicine cabinet, but for the things I use frequently (especially on kids’ skin), there are some great natural products that can help comfort, heal and sooth.


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