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10 Thoughts Runners Have When Their Phone Battery Dies


Not even halfway through my run today, my phone battery died.   I was left to run 2+ miles in silence, carrying a 6oz handweight with dangling earbuds.  Here are some of my thoughts and the lessons I learned on that veeerrryyy lloooooonnnnggg run.

1.) I guess I should have memorized that route my app mapped out.  I guess I’ll just run to that stop sign and backtrack.  Wonder how many miles that will be?

2.) It’s so hot!  I wonder what the temperature is…I’ll check my weather app…Doh!

3.) Red light.  Need to cross the street.  I’d better pause my running app.  Never mind.

4.) I’m really hungry. It must be close to lunchtime.  What time is it anyway?  Oh.  I didn’t wear a watch b/c I had my phone.  Sigh.

5.) I’m so thirsty.  I wonder how much water I’ve lost – my app tells me that… Darn it!

6.) Ugh.  How much longer?  I wonder how many miles until I’m home…

7.) What the heck.  My app isn’t recording this run anyway.  I might as well walk to that street sign.

8.) Did those roses bloom overnight?!?  I swear I would have noticed all those flowers if they had been there Monday.

9.) I might as well keep walking until the end of the block.

10.) That wasn’t bad!  I guess I did run for 10+ years before the invention of the iPod and iPhone.

Lessons learned:  We all know the advantages of having music & running apps to give us data, distraction and motivation.  But here are the Pros of NOT using them.

Further, faster

I believe I actually went further and faster than my typical mid-week run.  Now, I have no data to back this up.  I’m purely basing this on two things:  1.) I had to stop and walk mid-run, which doesn’t usually happen, and 2.)  I almost threw up when I was finally home.  That’s a feeling reserved for when I push myself hard at a road race or when I’m running from the fuzz (just kidding mom).

Today, instead of running until my app told me my pace and distance were good enough, I ran until my body said “no more”.  Instead or running to the beat of my playlist, I ran as fast as my legs wanted to go.


It wasn’t just the roses that I noticed.  Without constantly checking my phone to track distance and pace, I paid attention to…get ready for this…running.  I focused on my breathing, foot strike, my arm position and posture.  Huh.


Without my usual cheering section of Pink, Eminmem and Gym Class Heroes in my ear to keep me moving, I had to cheer myself on.  I had to motivate myself.  It’s been a long time since I had to listen to myself, and boy, am I annoying!

Who knows.  I might just leave my phone at home next time I run.

Turmeric for Inflammation

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