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Helpful Hints to Combat Mosquitoes Naturally

What Attracts Mosquitoes?

  • Blood Type – Different blood types emit different scents.
    Type O attracts more mosquitoes than Type A.
  • Body odor and fragrances – Perfume, lotion, laundry detergents and odors.
    Use unscented items to help minimize bites.
  • Carbon Dioxide – Mosquitoes are attracted to the presence of CO2 emitted from humans.  As we exhale, we give off CO2 that is combined with chemicals we release simultaneously.
    The more CO2 there is, the easier we are to find.
  • Dark colors, body heat, movement & sweat

How do bug repellents work?

  • Masking odors and/or producing odors that are not pleasant for the bugs.
  • The more an odor can be masked the better chance we have at avoiding bites.

Essential Oils: Nature’s Answer to Pest Control

If you’re looking to keep the bug bites away, but want to avoid harsh, toxic chemicals, try this blend of natural essential oils that are traditionally known to help repel insects.  At Vitamin Mom, we are big fans of Wyndmere’s high quality, pure therapeutic essential oils. We have found their Bug Off! Blend of oils to be highly effective in keeping mosquitoes away.



To one ounce of distilled water in a mister bottle or one ounce of carrier oil add 4 drops each of

Shake well and apply to skin as often as necessary, avoiding the eyes and clothing.

Use ½ the amount of essential oils for children, the elderly or those with sensitive skin.

Essential oils are highly concentrated products of nature and need to be used with care. Dilute properly with water, carrier oils such as Jojoba or Sweet Almond, or an unscented lotion or cream before applying topically.

Ready to make your own Bug OFF! Blend? Save 33% PLUS get a free 2 oz plastic mister bottle when you buy a Bug OFF! Kit.

 Bug Bite Relief Blend

Blend oils together and try either of these 3 options:

Option 1)  Add to one ounce carrier oil and apply straight to bug bite.

Option 2) Add to basin of water for washing.

Option 3) Add to 2 Tbsp Cider Vinegar and apply with cotton ball.

Happy Trails!!!


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