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Expectant Mom, New Mom, Working Mom, Stay-at-home Mom, Soccer Mom…I’ve been all of these things.   Now I’m pushing 40 with 3 young boys, and have become a Vitamin Mom.   Being a Vitamin Mom has given me a new sense of energy, vitality and confidence.  I love it.

What is a Vitamin Mom?  Well, a Vitamin Mom is anyone that makes natural nutrition a priority for their family.  Let me clarify two very important words.

1.  “Anyone” means that you don’t have to be a mother to be a Vitamin Mom.  You can want to make natural nutrition a priority for yourself, your partner/spouse, nieces/nephews, parents, etc.   It’s about finding ways to make good, healthy and natural decisions for you and your loved ones.

2.  “Priority” means that natural nutrition is important to me and I do my best to make natural and nutritious decisions whenever possible.  It does not mean that I am excessively restrictive in what I eat/feed my kids.

I believe in moderation in all things.  Live life, but make good trade-offs and find balance.  My kids had buttered popcorn and candy at the movies this afternoon.  (I might have had a few handfuls too)  And then for dinner, we had raw veggies and quinoa with fresh fruit and frozen organic yogurt for dessert.  I’m certainly far from perfect, but I strive for a good balance.

I’m here to share some of the natural nutrition tips, research, products and recipes that have changed me from the inside out and made me a lifelong Vitamin Mom.

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